Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get the name Zeemo?

ne of my fraternity brothers dropped this moniker on me my during my senior year in college. I had become interested in magic after joining a local magic club. I was always trying out my newest trick for whoever would watch. One day the guy across the hall from me said, "Oh no, it's Zeemo The Magnificent with another card trick". From then on it just stuck with me. And please remember it's spelled Zeemo not Zemo or Zemmo!!

How did you get into show business?

hen I was six years old, my parents dressed me in a monkey costume and had me perform dangerous balancing stunts for money. After two years of this I told them that they were not going to make a monkey out me, and I put off my show biz career until I finished school.

After I graduated from college I couldn't find a teaching job. I had competed on the University of Michigan Trampoline team and had won two NCAA championships. One day I got a call from a guy who offered my a job doing trampoline shows in schools. I jumped at the chance (pun intended). I continued to perform a trampoline act until 1982 and then switched to magic, juggling and yo-yos.

What is your favorite trick?

hat's easy. Getting Rebooked!!!