r. Zeemo was a big hit with his Science of Spinning Assembly at Reid Elementary School. We have over 560 students, in a K-5 building, and he kept them all enthralled for the entire presentation. Many teachers, also, commented on how much they enjoyed the assembly. He is an awesome entertainer and we would have him back again in a heartbeat!

Brian Scieszka, Principal
Reid Elementary, Grand Blanc, MI

 had the pleasure of working directly with Dr. Zeemo last year on two very different types of events. (The success of Zeemo's presentation at the first event allowed us to bring him back for the second, completely different type of event.)

Dr. Zeemo personalized both of these presentation(s) based on the information we shared with him (goals, audience, time, etc....) prior to each event. Dr. Zeemo's experience and expertise was clearly evident as each audience he presented to came away inspired, smiling, and more knowledgeable than before their experience with Zeemo.

Dr. Zeemo connected with high school students and teachers at our first event as he showed real-world applications of physics principles (that many students only learn through reading and mathematical manipulation). Zeemo's ability to blend humor and excitement kept the students (and teachers) highly engaged and reinforced and expanded the learning these students had already experienced in the classroom. Zeemo further cemented this understanding as he allowed students to experience first hand the same demonstrations and activities they had just watched be performed. This experience for everyone watching (and then doing) was awesome.

Based on this success we invited Dr. Zeemo to be one of our featured presenters at an annual "Green" festival that targets students (of all ages) and parents as well as the general public. Dr. Zeemo made multiple presentations during this event, which lasted all day. Again the comments and reviews our committee received we excellent. Regardless of the age of student/participant everyone left the presentations excited about science, smiling, and smarter.

Dr. Zeemo is already booked for our next festival and will assuredly be invited to make classroom and/or assembly presentations at many of our local school districts during the upcoming year.

Scott Whipple
Science Consultant/Outreach
Huron ISD/Huron Mathematics and Science Center
Co-chair Embracing Our Earth Festival Planning Committee

sper usual, you rose to the occasion! The interaction with the young people at our recent Celebration of Student Engineering was delightful and education-filled. From the skills you demonstrate with your various yo-yos and tops, to the timely injection of the science and/or math basis explaining the performance of the device, the students enjoyed magical moments that blended smiles with education. As you know, this is a critical element for me, as enjoyment while learning is an important environment-setting component that enhances the experience for each learner.

As a former building principal and district assistant superintendent, it brings high value to the educational environment when kids and adults experience laughing while learning.

It is hard to imagine that we have been collaborating for as many years as we have. Your flexibility and willingness to adapt to our needs is always appreciated, but most importantly, your connections to the multiple science and technology curriculum benchmarks clearly justifies the decisions to call on you over and over again.

Thanks for the great work and unique contribution to teaching, learning and kids!

Karl Klimek, President

t is with the HIGHEST recommendation that I bring to your attention the school asssemblies of the magnificent Dr. Zeemo. His yo-yo "Art of Spinning" assembly is the best school production ever brought to my school in the 20 years I have been here. The good Doctor has performed at least 10 times in my building and will be here again. His humor and immediate connection with the students and staff is a rare trait. In the past he has also customized his program to fit my needs at Raupp. Bottom line to my fellow principals, "BOOK HIM NOW"!

Bernie Falahee, Principal
Raupp School, Lincoln Park, MI

ust yesterday Paul Kyprie ("Dr. Zeemo - Spin Doctor") was here doing a program on the science of things that spin. His program included information about forces (such as gravity) on things in our daily lives. He used props that kids identify with such as yo-yo's, propellers, etc. When he was done with his 40-45 minute show, teachers actually said to me, "Isn't it amazing that he was able to keep the kids so focused and attentive while educating them at the same time? He was great!"

I have seen Paul do a couple different shows (including one on electricity) and he always does a great job. He gets the kids involved and they all walk out of the assembly knowing more than they came in with. His price is very reasonable and he's worth every penny we pay for his shows. I would highly recommend him for any school, K-8!

Ken Madeleine, Principal
Emerson Elementary School

s a 15 year public school employee, I've had the privilege of interpreting many school assemblies. Dr. Zeemo's presentation was one of the best! His program closely matches the curriculum being presented in the classrooms. His humorous and skillful approach with yo-yo's and juggling not only kept the children excited and engaged, but also reinforced the specific vocabulary concepts being introduced in the elementary science classes. We all were learning as we laughed!

The students were able to see science in action and it was fun!

Cindy Affonso, Special Education Teacher
Madison Elementary, Adrian, MI

f you want a snappy, full-of-life presentation for your students, then Zeemo is your man. Paul Kyprie brings life to students in a humorous, fun-filled learning experience.

Zeemo is a dynamic speaker that connects students with higher-level thinking. He had been more than willing to modify his presentation to meet the needs of our curriculum.

"The Yo-yo Man" is one of the highlights of our 5th grade camp experience. Each year his performance is a culminating activity that relates perfectly with our science curriculum, making his visit more than just entertainment. Paul's presentation supports the education of upper elementary and middle school students.

Barb Schneider and Mark MacDonald
Alto School, Alto, Michigan