The Story Of The Yo–Yo

The yo–yo is the world's most popular skill toy. In the last couple of centuries, companies have manufactured and sold over a half a billion of them. Why has this one toy remained so popular for so long? There are lots of reasons. They are portable, inexpensive, challenging, and easy to make. However, the most important factor in my view is that they appear magical in the hands of a skilled player. Also, people who observe someone playing with them think that they can do it also.

In this library program audiences will learn the origins of the yo–yo and its cousins, the top and the diabolo. They will see some easy to learn tricks as well as some really complicated skills. They will even see some tricks I invented.

The program is 45 minutes in duration and is suitable for ages 3 to 103. Discounts are available for block booking within you library district.